What causes cancer? Top 8 Causes of Cancer (INFOGRAPHIC)


There are more than 100 different types of cancer. Each of which has particular causes and characteristics, with a different evolution, prognosis and treatment. But what causes cancer?

Advances in the early diagnosis of cancer tumors, combined with diferents treatments, have made possible to reduced  the mortality rate for this disease. However, every year the number of cases detected continues to increase.

What Causes Cancer?

Certain factors are capable of causing cancer in a percentage of individuals exposed to them. These include inheritance, chemicals, ionizing radiations, infections or viruses, and traumas. The researchers study how these different factors can interact in a multifactorial and sequential way to produce malignant tumors. The cancer is, in essence, a genetic process. Genetic alterations can be inherited, or produced in some cell by a virus or by an injury caused externally.

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In this post, your going to discover the top 8 causes cancer

#1- Heritage

It is estimated that 5% to 10% of cancers have a hereditary origin. Some forms of cancer are more common in some families: breast cancer is an example of this. Colon cancer is more common in families with a tendency to develop colon polyps. One form of retinoblastoma only appears when a specific gene is absent. These genes, called tumor suppressor genes or antioncogenes, prevent normal cell replication. Its absence eliminates the normal control of cell multiplication. In some hereditary disorders, the chromosomes have an intrinsic fragility; these processes carry a high risk of cancer.

#2- Chemical substances

Coal tar and its derivatives are highly carcinogenic. Their vapors in some industries are associated with the high incidence of lung cancer among workers. It is now known that benzo(a)pyrene, a chemical found in coal, causes skin cancer in people whose jobs are related to the burning of coal.

Arsenic is associated with lung cancer. Workers in copper and cobalt mines, foundries and factories of insecticides have an incidence of this type of cancer greater than normal. In workers in the industries related to asbestos, the incidence is up to 10 times more than normal.

A substance produced by the fungus Aspergillus flavus, called aflatoxin, which contaminates poorly preserved foods, causes liver cancer in some animals. It has been found that in countries where mold contamination is common, the incidence of liver and stomach cancer is high.

The cigarette is another carcinogen, it has been determined that death from lung cancer is 6 times higher among smokers than non-smokers. The cigarette is so pernicious because of the substances it contains; Nicotine, acids and oxides of carbon and tar.

Alcohol causes cancer. And its related of seven forms of cancer. Those are the conclusions of researchers from New Zealand. They found that no matter how much you drink, alcohol will increase your risk of cancer.

“There is strong evidence that alcohol causes cancer at seven sites in the body and probably others,” the authors write in the latest issue of the journal Addiction.

#3- Radiation

Ionizing radiation is one of the most recognized causal factors. Radiation produces changes in DNA, such as breaks or chromosomal transpositions in which broken strands of two chromosomes can be interchanged. Radiation acts as an initiator of carcinogenesis, inducing alterations that progress to cancer after a latency period of several years. The sun’s ultraviolet rays and x-rays increase the propensity to get skin cancer and leukemia. Excessive exposure to sunlight by people with white skin increases the risk.

#4- Infections or viruses

There is increasing evidence that some infections can lead to cancer, and especially those related to cancers of the stomach, liver, cervix and Kaposi’s sarcoma (a special type of cancer that appears in AIDS patients). Helicobacter pylori bacteria have been linked to stomach cancer. Different studies show that people infected with this bacteria are four times more likely to develop this type of cancer.

Viruses are the cause of many cancers in animals. In humans, Epstein-Barr virus is associated with Burkitt’s lymphoma and lymphoma epitheliomas, hepatitis virus with hepatocarcinoma, and herpesvirus type II or genital herpes virus with carcinoma of the cervix. All these viruses associated with human tumors are of the DNA type. The HTLV virus, however, is of the RNA type, or retrovirus, as most of the virus associated with tumors in animals. It produces human leukemia.

In the presence of an enzyme that is call reverse transcriptase, it induces a infect cell to produce DNA copies of the virus genes, which are inside the cellular genome. These RNA viruses contain a gene that is call a viral oncogene capable of transforming normal cells into malignant cells. Research has shown that viral oncogenes have a counterpart in normal human cells: it is the proto-oncogene, or cellular oncogene. The products of oncogenes (the proteins they produce) are growth factors (or proteins necessary for the action of such growth factors), which stimulate the growth of tumor cells.

#5- Traumas

Lip cancer in pipe smokers is associated with chronic irritation caused by the pipe over a group of cells in the lip. So, in India, a high incidence of cancer of the abdomen and groin is relate to clothing of very general use.

#6- Aging

Aging is another key factor in the onset of cancer. So, the incidence of this disease increases dramatically with age. This is most likely because of the accumulation of risk factors for certain types of cancer. The general accumulation of risk factors is combined with the loss of efficacy of the cellular repair mechanisms that usually occur with age.

#7- Malnourishment

The link between food and cancer risk is complex and not easy to establish, mainly because our diet contains very varied products. However, some years ago, scientifically validated studies have established relationships between the type of food we eat and the development of cancer.

In 1984, the US National Cancer Institute found that 35% of malignancies originate or are related to food factors. That is more than the 20% of the risk of cancer that produces tobacco. So, this is how experts place food as one of the most important tumor risk factors within environmental and preventable factors. In general, processed foods, sodas, high calories diets, along with some forms of cooking like fried, barbecued and smoked.

#8- Stress

A researcher at the National Cancer Institute indicates that there is a relationship between stress and cancer. The explanation provided is that stress and distressing situations attack the body causing physical illnesses. This aggression make that the organism defend itself by producing the cells suitable for it in a disorderly way.

So, stress influences cancer so much that it increases the risk of cancer of the healthy people. Also, stress can reduces the survival rates of the people who have already developed it. Stres, release cortisol and adrenaline which help in the excretion of inflammatory substances into the sympathetic nervous system. So, this block the NK cells (Natural Killer Cells), thus favoring the onset of cancer.

As you can see, there are several reasons that can cause cancer. However, you can prevent cancer by just changing a few things in your lifestyle.

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  1. Estrogen dominate due to meat/dairy/soy/BPA/fat/chemicals/THE Pill having estrogen may cause cancer at premenopause when progesterone goes down that helps the thyroid/immune system/blood sugar etc.

    Gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO/food with a label may hurt. Family trees may be Celiac. Tests may not work to diagnose it. Not eating gluten 100% may help the immune system. Sugar and pain killers may spread cancer. Soy may block the thyroid. Gluten may make antibodies to the thyroid. GMO and gluten may hurt the gut lining so less nutrients absorb….then cells are not made right to work right to burn oxygen/food and make ATP energy.

    Lyme/coinfections may lower Mg/Mn/Fe and affect thyroid. Antibiotics may hurt mitochondria, lower the immune system, hurt the gut lining/lower Mg/wipe out good bacteria in the large intestines. Probiotics may help the thyroid convert T4 to T3 and make B vitamins.

    Heavy metals in food/water/paint/chemicals/soil etc may block thyroid and other chemicals reactions. Detoxing with Far Infrared Sauna may help detox chemicals/heavy metals.

    Stress uses up Zn and B vitamins and steals progesterone that helps the immune system.

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