Can Vaccine Ingredients Cause Cancer?


Since always, we are bombarded with the idea that vaccines play a crucial role in our lives. From public schools to trusted pediatricians, the message is always the same: vaccines are the one and only way to avoid deadly diseases and protect your little one, and yourself.

Vaccines are full of adjuvants, compounds that are meant to enhance the specific immune response against co-inoculated antigens. The word comes from the Latin word adjuvare, which means to help or to enhance. But these additives, adjuvants, and other ingredients might be carcinogenic.

In this opportunity Ty Bollinger from The Truth About Cancer, talks with Dr. Robert Scott Bell. In this interview Dr. Robert says that many of the ingredients of the vaccines are heavy metals.

For example Mercury is one of these metals, and he says that: “This affects every system of the body: the endocrine, the neurological system, you name it. The digestive system, the epithelial tissue. Mercury is the biggest baddy of them all and ultimately, I believe, facilitates cancer”.

On the other hand, we had another adjuvant like aluminum. For this Dr. Robert says that: ” it hyperstimulates and aggravates the immune cells and they want to elicit this antibody… artificially is the best way to say it. And they think that’s going to be enough to prevent you from getting a disease.”

But, let’s be honest. The antibodies in the vaccines can not carry you forever and as we have seen there are cases where the virus mutates and although you are “protected” by the same vaccine you can get sick and even worse for what you already have inside your body.

The injected antibodies are good, we will not deny it. So, what is the biggest problem we face? The answer is simple: it is not the appropriate method to protect us.

Based on this, Dr. Robert Scott Bell says the following: ” it’s an immature understanding of immunology and yet they’re the ones with the “duh”grees, which is why I call them a “duh”gree because they’re not using the sense God may have given them. When they understand that and they say “Of course, we’ve got to embrace the natural world. We’ve got to restore integrity to the terrain. We’ve got to look at the floral issues, we’ve got to get rid of the heavy metals,” and those are just some of the things.”

In conclusion the vaccines have too many things besides the heavy metals that if aware, none of us would be giving them to our children or families.

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The Truth About Vaccines
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